I play Daily Win4 a few times a week but never win, yet my store has a sign today, $54,000 winners here last week, but it's never me, why?

I also play Powerball, Mega, and my state's lottery, but never manage to win more than $12 usually, once I won $40. I try different methods I read online, or figure out myself, but I never win anything substantial. For instance, tonight I played 1929 boxed, but 1277 came out, I had two numbers ,(1 and 2,), but again I win nothing. How do people win? My city has about 200,000 people, so my convenience store had $54,000 in winners last week, with one ten thousand dollar winner. I'm disappointed that winning has alluded me, but others do win.

Jay P

The only method that works is luck. Anything and everything else is pure BS.


I'd say your problem is simply not understanding odds, but that's obvious based on how often you play, and that you follow "methods" you read on-line.