Not addicted... but close to be with scratch off tickets?

I play scratch offs way to much lately. I won $1000 and $800 a month ago and for the past six months ago I have been playing to a rediculous extent. I dont use my credit card for tickets and I dont take out money for them... but I will spend exhorbitant amounts. For example, I will win $50 after purchasing a $5 ticket (purchasing a ticket or two... thats normal!) and then buy a $10 ticket and take the $40 back in cash, then i will lose on the $10 ticket and keep buying more tickets, instead of taking my winnings and leaving! I want to stop... I promise myself but every time im at the mall the lottery vending machine or store is tempting. I think Im getting relatively better... but this week i have spent $70 which is still too much. Please give me some advice or some story about gambling addictions lol... I need to stop before it gets bad! (Im considering making a budget of $25 a week for scratch offs- all winnigs are taken and not used on new tickets- no ifs ands or buts! Lmk what u think)


Gambling can be a huge problem if it gets out of control, even if you're just playing scratch tickets. You should consider going to Gamber's Anonymous if you get too deep into this. Scratch tickets will soon lead to slots and once you get hooked on the slots, you are definitely in deep sh!t. Stop your problem now before it gets worse. Good luck!


If you cant control your habit and follow through with your budget then you have a problem. the odds are heavily against you wtih scratchers.


My mom was and addicted gambler. It started with BINGO when we lived in California. My parents moved to Nevada after retirement. Mom became addicted to playing the poker machines. Long story short, she died with nothing. She lost her apartment and everything in it. Her sisters bailed her out many times. It caused major problems in the relationship that I had with her. There is Gambler's Anonymous. Good luck.

Dances with Weed

You just have to stop. Making a budget plan and compromising on this issue leads to rationalization .