What’s the best time & day to go to a casino? How much should I gamble? and any tips just help out?

It’s going to be my first time I just want to get lucky and win so any advice? I’m trying to win something!

Jay P

There is no "best" time. It's all about luck which can happen at any time. Everyone walks into a casino trying to win something but keep in mind that casinos exist to take your money, not hand it out. Odds are you will lose, not win. Treat casinos as a source of entertainment, not income. You can certainly walk in with the hopes of winning but also walk in with the expectation of losing. That's why you should only walk in with money you can afford to lose. If/when you do lose, never get more money in the hopes of winning it back. That will just dig you deeper in the hole.

Jimmy C

Decide how much you want to lose and take that amount. You will lose.


anytime , bring 200$ dont expect to walk out with anything if u did , u won


If you go you should have a budget like $100 per say so you don't go broke from gambling.


If you are playing low-stakes table games, avoid peak times like most evenings and weekend daytime/evening as the minimum bets will increase. Casinos only offer the lower bet limits when there's not a crowd.


There is no best time & day to go to a casino,you should only bet as much as you can afford to lose and you should look at going to a casino as entertainment and not as a way to make money.


<<<What’s the best time & day to go to a casino?>>> The time and day has little, if any, impact on the likelihood of winning. Here are a few things you might want to consider when deciding when to go. Evenings, particularly on Friday and Saturday, tend to be busier than other times. Mornings tend to be less busy. Casinos sometimes have promotions that you might be interested in. These can include giving you something just for showing up, specials for particular groups such a older people, veterans, etc., random drawings for cash, cars, vacations, etc., specials on meals, special entertainment groups, or just about anything else they can think of that will increase the number of people going to the casino. You can check a casino website to se if they are offering something that would make your visit more fun for you. <<<How much should I gamble?>>> There is no particular dollar amount that applies to all people. One thing I strongly recommend is deciding ahead of time how much you are willing to lose. Bring that amount with you in cash, but do not bring an ATM card, credit card or checkbook with you into the casino. Do not bring so much cash that you will feel bad about losing it, and certainly do not bring enough that you will have difficulty paying any bills if you lose it. <<<It’s going to be my first time I just want to get lucky and win so any advice? I’m trying to win something!>>> The longer you gamble the less likely you are to leave a winner. Casinos like to call any amount you win "house money" implying it does not matter if you lose it because it is not your money. In reality anything that you have won has become your money. If you never leave a casino while you are ahead you will never end up a winner. Do not try to make back money you have lost by gambling more. Sure it can (and sometimes does) happen, but the odds are against it. You are more likely to simply lose more money.


Your first time? Then you should go when your friends are available. How would I know how much you should gamble? How much money do you have? Assume you are losing it.


dont do it. spend the money on a vacation, have good sex and drink some fruity drinks


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