Why are most Trump supporters HillBilly?



Actually Hillbillies and White Trash types are more likely to vote democrat. The upstanding, hard working white folks that go to church and own businesses and have nice houses and take care of their families are the ones you want to blame. I have (extremely obnoxious) white trash neighbors that blast RAP music much to my surprise, not Hank Williams or Merle Haggard. Maybe in the South it's different but not here in AZ.


I'm not into politics I could care less what happens, in the end it's the same

mike m

Why are Hillary Clinton supporters just plain stupid and lack common sense?


because they are less intelligent...Probably.


You're a hill billy. Some people hate Hollywood elite forcing crap on us. Trump is dat dude

Jerry S

that,s all that will support him.


I bang HillBilly women for a livin


They're not. You are buying what hateful people are saying, saying it just to satisfy their sense of loss at the defeat of Hillary. When things don't go a certain way we (humans) have a tendency to rationalize the behavior of those who caused the miscue. To call Trump's supporters hillbillies is just a feeble attempt to assauge hurt feelings.


they lack few brain cells

Good Luck

A lot of things Trump says and does are off the "Wall" but he has many things right for the middle class and lower class. Like this wall, if it keeps other countries out of out country why not? We can't even help out vets and homeless people and low income people. I don't hate the people from other countries but what I said is a fact. Also these people that think it's ok for others to come into our country, are they willing to take these people into there homes?

Ed Gein Jr.

That's not true, it's mostly Rednecks, folks with the big bucks and bible belt Jeebus freaks. I'm a hillbilly and I despise Trump and all other richey rich folks.