How can I learn how to juggle fast?

I was talking to a friend and she said something like "You re always there for people even when you re juggling your own stuff." To which I replied "Little did you know I m a juggling master." meant as a joke but she took it literally. Now I m terrified that she ll ask me to juggle or introduce me to people as the juggle girl. How can I learn to juggle fast? Or should I tell her the truth? Please help.


I agree with the other was a joke, and there's no need to take it further. BUT, juggling is a cool skill to have, and it's not too hard to get the basic skill down. There are tons of websites and videos. Get a set of those soft beanbag balls. You can use anything of equal size and weight (oranges, tennis balls, etc) but the bean bags don't roll when you drop them. Seriously, it should only take a few days of practice to keep 3 balls in the air for a minute or so.....plenty long to prove you can juggle. I learned waaaay before the internet. After seeing a brief demonstration on TV, I bought a few balls and went for it. I was working the graveyard shift at a lonely 24 hr gas station and had lots of free time. I just went out in the lot by the gas pumps and started throwing balls in the air until I got it. I spent a lot of time chasing balls into the road. With web videos and beanbags, learning is a lot easier these days. In fact, my kids learned as part of their phys-ed in grade school. Good luck!


You made a joke, and I'm sure she didn't take your comment seriously. Quit overthinking this.


Don't start juggling fast with noisy chainsaws. You're going to want to hear some sympathy.