I need a new hobby?

Have played: Baseball Soccer Basketball Lacrosse Quit all of them because I hated it. I don't enjoy: Drawing Origami Reading I'm an avid learner about: The paranormal Outer space I do like to go out and explore the woods. I don't all that much though because it's tiring. Any suggestions?


Have you tried chess? There are online servers like chess.com where you can play live for free. Or maybe that's not your thing--it does require a clear-thinking, focused mind, and not everyone is up for it. . <I don't all that much though because it's tiring.> Yes, but that makes you stronger. I'm a weakling now, but back when I was fab, I could do 100-mile bicycle rides in mountainous terrain. Don't underestimate the importance of exercise for your long-term survival. . <I'm an avid learner about: The paranormal> Yeah, I was too, when I was 14. You get over it. At least most of us do. . <I'm an avid learner about: Outer space> Sure. Then why isn't stargazing isn't one of your listed hobbies? You can see a hell of a lot just sitting outside in a lawn chair with a pair of binoculars and a star chart. But maybe you live somewhere that's not practical; obviously it might not be for an urban high-rise occupant. Have you at least loaded up a planetarium program on your computer? You could invest some time into learning about the Universe that way. Last time I checked Sellarium is free for the PC, and just a few bucks for a mobile version. https://stellarium.org/ . .


Hiking! You can find the fright trails for you. I’m sure there’s mellow ones. Learning an instrument. Playing video games. Riding my longboard. Those are mine.


paranormal? ghosts = demons; bleeding walls = blood plasma supplied by demons; demons never do good. outer space? nobody lives on other planets; demons fly in ufo ships; don't go inside a ufo ship to be healed by demons. if u go into the woods without others it's dangerous because giant worms may eat u because they will use hypnosis on u. they hear u underground because u make noise when u walk down the road collecting mushrooms. but if u see one behind u, u have to run; if no time to run, pray to Jesus. when u pray to Jesus u will end up a few kilometers / miles away from where u started praying. perfect hobby = Jesus prayer; forgive me.