Beginner Sewing Where do I sew the second stitch line?

"Hold garment WRONG side out with armhole toward you. With RIGHT sides together, pin sleeve to armhole edge of front and back, matching underarm seams. Baste. Stitch. Stitch again 1/8" from first stitching." Is the second, 1/8" stitch in between the edge and the first stitch, or on the outside of the first stitch so it s closer to the body of the dress? BONUS: For the first stitch, am I supposed to sew right over the baste line? I am making a child's dress.

DR + Mrs Bears face

The first row of stitching is on the seam allowance. The 2nd row is between the seam allowance and the fabric edge. It is not a good idea to baste along the stitching line because you then stich over the basting fabric and fibres of the basting thread can get caught in your garment.


The pattern should say what the seam allowance is, usually 5/8" for home patterns.