How do you know if a coin will exist or not in the future?



Coins will exist forever Metals don't decompose; they just oxidize


A physical coin will last forever if it is kept away from exposure to the environment. If you are asking if any country's particular coinage will exist in the future, the answer is that eventually, with very few exceptions, every particular coin will cease to exist as legal tender, to be replaced by something else. All US coins ever struck are legal tender, though the ones whose design and/or composition have been replaced with something else are almost always worth more than their face value. Many other countries, though, have either devalued their currency many times, making older coins worthless except to collectors, or have simply made older coins obsolete, and worthless except to collectors.


The coin will exist alright its a hard metal coin, it's value however will always change, like the inflation in Germany and the devaluation of the deutschmark before ww2. Where is the deutschmark now? We have euro in most European countries, if coins are to go out of favour and are replaced by virtual currency or whatever, the changeover won't be too dissimilar, at the end of the day whose to say a pound is worth x amount of euro?


Wait long enough and all coins will be gone.


they value might be not there, but it will still be there in a museum

Jerry S

no way of knowing.


If you are looking for new designs from the US Mint ... the link below is the product schedule at the US Mint's website.


I don't think there's any specific way to know, but it's probably safe to assume that at some point in the future certain coins will be replaced, perhaps to combat counterfeits, or to better design a coin, or to remove a coin from circulation for practicality (depending on currency) or perhaps to replace coins altogether. If you have a coin you're not sure if you should keep, I always say its best to keep it just in case.

Amin Abazarsa

Coins will exist forever Metals don't decompose; they just oxidize