IS it weird that a man wants to learn how to use a sewing machine?

I think I'd like to learn how to sew, on a sewing machine. I like making my own things (bathrobe, cushion coverings for furniture that I make and other home projects). Would it cost more to make it myself?


I know two men who make quilts. One go t into from his mother. The other wanted to try a new hobby and took a quilting class and found he was exceptionally good at it. I too sewing in HS decades ago. One guy was in our class. He wanted to make camping gear. Many tailors and upholsterer are man. Cost, got to figure it out. I have made all drapes and curtains in my home. Many times cheaper than what I could buy. But more important I got exactly what I wanted. I made my daughter’s wedding veil at a fraction of the cost it would of been to buy it. I have made my daughter many dresses over the years. For the cost of fabric and supplies cheaper than what I could buy. But I don’t include in cost of my time. I use to make costumes and mend for two dance academies. I charged $18/$20 an hour. Figure out the cost of all supplies and how much time it would take to make it. Is it worth it to you to make it and have the ability to make it just how you want it, I sew for the creativity. It is an art. I sew to get exactly what I want instead of settling for what I can buy. And I sew for the challenge.


It's not weird at all; it's very practical. Not sure about cost.


It's not weird. It's rare in today's societal perception of masculinity for men to be vocal about ANY hobbies percieved as feminine, but men that sew is not as unusual as one is led to believe. And you're not alone in the struggle of feeling like a swan in a flock of geese. In any hobby/activity predominately characterized by a single gender, the mind is naturally predisposed to feel like the odd man out. Men tend to suffer this in hobby choices while women tend to suffer this in career life. (Though the opposite activities for both are true as well) The urge to conform to social norms is both natural and instinctual. Back in the caveman days, being ostracised by the community you lived in meant your days were numbered. It was too hard to live alone. Survival depended on your ability to fit in. We have long been free to drop our ancestors instinctual urges but have been for the large part unable to. This has actually lead to most problems health and otherwise for people living today

Linda S: Short answer

Short answer: no. Long answer NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO seriously, no. not weird at all.

Anna D

Its not weird at all! If you find a good deal on fabrics it's way cheaper to diy. If you pay full price for everything it's a different story. If you're in the US though JoAnns always has coupons.


no, its good to learn how to do things yourself it shows you are responsible. I don't know why the world labels things for male/female.....women go to the military now....things are what you want to do, enjoy life who cares what anyone thinks. its your life, enjoy


NO. I learned at twelve. Rarely use it but I can re upholster my car with one. I have made my own Halloween costumes, I usually just use a glue gun. I've since had to learn to use a 6" needle for stitching cloth to airplanes, in class.


it's not weird. sewing is a skill like cooking that everyone should know. it can be a little more expensive to make garments and things like that because fabric is expensive, but you'll likely end up with a better result and a longer lasting item. and sewing is a cheap way to extend the life of clothes you already have by fixing small tears and things like loose or missing buttons


Nope -- not weird at all. I learned to sew by making Barbi Doll clothes for my sister. It is just a machine -- not a problem. In College i bought a treadle machine -- nice.


It could cost more, depending on the fabrics chosen. There's a lot of detail to it, such as learning about how the pieces go together, what stitches to use. It can also try patience, when seams have to be ripped out and redone. Many home upholstery projects call for a different type of machine; not the same one used for sewing garments.


no its not weird bud you do you go follow your dreams

Jerry S



Not in any aspect at all. It's a very valid and important skill to have, and I wish I had it myself. Out society makes us perceive certain activities or things as masculine or feminine, when really, it's just a life skill.


It's less common, but not weird or bad. As far as cost...depends on what you are making. If you are just making daily-wear clothing, it'll usually be a bit for expensive, but you you have more control over colors and patterns. If making costume pieces, it will always be more expensive than store-bought, regardless of how cheap you try to make it; however, you can make something that is much higher quality without increasing your cost much, and make it fit you better.


It's "weird" in the sense that many men don't but it's not "weird" like wrong or bad


I do not think that it is weird for you want to sew. After your initial investment and supplies it will be cheaper to make yourself than going to the store. You are not going to have to buy some supplies every time you start a new project like pins


No, I would just think it's rare.

It doesn't really matter who I am

no...why would it


No its not. Do it!


Not at all! Everyone should know at least basic sowing, go for it man and don’t let people stop you trying new things


Absolutely not! I once worked on a house (new construction) for a man who had a sewing set-up I was very envious of. I drooled over his industrial grade machine as well. He told me he constructed sails for sail boats. Not wierd at all


Why not?


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