Lost bet with roommate - how does she get to spank me?

I lost a bet with my roommate, Clare, over a sports game outcome where the winner would get to spank the loser as punishment. We agreed that the loser would have to make a post here, to decide how the spanking happens, so here goes... (Clare made the questions) How should she spank me? (In what position) Where will she spank me? (bedroom, kitchen, living room..? we share the apartment with other roommates so please be kind here) What do I wear? (is the spanking on my jeans, underwear, bare ***, etc..?) What do I get spanked with? and How hard/long? Do I get more than one spankings? if so, how often and for how long a period? Other details. Do I have to do anyting after my spanking or is there punishments for swearing, not being there on time, etc... (Clare suggests mouthsoaping for swearing) Clare wants to invite her friends to watch but I don't agree since this was a bet between the two of us. Does she get to to this? Clare will pick her favourite answer in a week and I will have to do everything as described in this answer. Please go easy on me :(


New day, new account, new name, but same old ****. Sad, lonely troll.

Dan S

That is an incredible amount of effort to troll strangers. Just saying.


over her knee.....both naked in the bedroom no friends present,,,,,,,,,with mutual oral afterwards


Sounds like she is out of control if she wants to invite friends over. You set the terms- if you don't normally undress in front of her you sure would not strip to your underwear or nude. Spanking would be one time, and in the living room. Might just bend over her knee and she swats you x amount of times you determine.


I want to spank her


Could I please spank you instead? I have plenty of tools and weapons. You most certainly won't be disappointed. No charge!