How many times do you report someone on Roblox and they will get banned?



It's NOT the number of reports... It's the QUALITY & LEGITIMACY of the reports as well as the SEVERITY of the infraction. When you submit a "Abuse Report", it generally takes a snapshot of the situation (exact time frame will vary) of both YOU (as the reporter) & the suspect (being reported). This also means you can't have random users blindly report a person (as they're not in the vicinity of the alleged violation). If you file multiple abuse reports for the same infraction, those excessive reports can come back to bite you since you're making a "mountain out of a molehill" (blowing the alleged violation out of proportion) & "crying wolf" (filing multiple "false reports"). AT BEST, the staff will likely "break your whistle" (de-prioritize your reports, making your reports LESS effective) silently. AT WORST, the staff will inflict a ban on you for wasting the administrative / moderation team's time & resources. THEREFORE, you should only submit ONE abuse report against a player PER RULE INFRACTION. If the player is violation is continuous (like repeating the same violation over an hour or longer), only submit one report for that infraction PER SESSION. If you play for multiple hours, you should have a downtime (where you actually log off) of AT LEAST 30 minutes (preferably 60 minutes or more) to consider it as separate sessions. Finally, most moderation teams typically don't respond to a single abuse report immediately. They will typically require MULTIPLE legitimate reports (effectively giving the user enough rope to "hang themselves") before enacting disciplinary actions so it's not a spontaneous reaction, but a measured action without any prejudice (going just on the facts alone). These teams will typically keep most of their judgements & actions behind the scenes in order to keep the rules breakers "in the dark" so they can't game the system to their advantage. Just file one report & move on.

Emothic Von Hellsing

You only report once. Reporting a person multiple times will not get them banned. Aswell, reporting the same person multiple times is considered abuse of the reporting system and can result in yourself being temporarily banned. Reporting someone 3, 4, 5, 6, 1000 times will not get them banned any faster then if you just report them once. This basically goes for all systems, gaming and non-gaming.