Has anyone ever used cider vinegar to cure pinkeye ?



It won't work. Not to mention, vinegar will burn the holy hell out of an eye.


I wouldn't, but you can use salt water Boil a cup or two of water. Let it start to cool, add 2 tablespoons of salt. Let it dissolve. You can put this water into a clean glass jar. When it's cooled to room temperature, you can take a shot glass or one of those small medicine cups (like the type which comes with cough syrups), fill it with the water... place it under your eye against the skin... and tilt your head back. Let the water roll around in your eye for a minute or so.. you might want to put a towel around your neck in case some water spills.... i use this a lot when my eyes are irritated and it really helps.


Drinking vinegar isn't going to cure pinkeye. And I really don't recommend putting vinegar _IN_ your eye for any reason.... But if you decide to do it anyways, post a video so we can all laugh at you.


Maybe if you mix 1 tablespoon or so of vinegar with about 2 cups of water then put 1 or 2 DROPS into your eye and roll your eye around for about a minute.....repeat that about 3 times a day until the infection is gone. Do NOT put pure undiluted vinegar into your eye...it will burn like heck and can possibly damage your eye! Always dilute it first and just use a couple drops.

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I got a horrible case of pink eye and it was spreading to both eyes. I used the salt water bath to cure it. I bought a cheap eye wash at walmart just to get the eye cup and followed directions I got on line to get directions to make a bottle of sanitized salt water and washed my eyes throughout the day. It won’t hurt you, at all, and you’ll notice the difference right away. Don’t stop until you’re sure it’s cleared up. Wash the cup after every use. I still use it if my eyes get itchy and red. No need to go see a doctor . Totally works great.

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That sounds painful, how about just letting it go away on its own.


It won't work. Not to mention, vinegar will burn the holy hell out of an eye.


No. You need antibiotics.


i need help getting pink eye. how did you get it


the only therapy you need IS GOD