How to recover from a cold fast? Help!?

My DAD always touches everyone’s stuff even when he’s sick. He does not clean or disinfect. He gets sick several times a year and gets everyone else sick! Is there a fast way to recover from a cold? I usually take a week or longer to recover.


a week or longer is how long a cold virus takes to get over. FYI, no matter what your dad does, YOU can also take precautions when he is ill. Wash your hands before eating and after every bathroom break. don't touch your eyes or nose as this is how the cold virus enters your body. Cleaning and disinfecting has little effect if he is walking around the house sneezing and coughing.

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not sure but both activated charcoal tabs or liquid bentonite clay will absorb toxins in the gut, the source of health and illness....the clay helped me to overcome the flu n short order...just a shotglass full.......