I like going to my Chiropractor and getting my back cracked. But is Chiropractic really doing anything to help me or is it all just quackery?



Considering the founder just write down a few ideas despite not having a medical background, it is quackery. Research how many people have fractured spines from the treatment or how some quacks feel they can adjust newborns!


If you are going for bone or alignment issues, then probably legit. If the chiro is claiming this will help cure or prevent asthma or other diseases, probably a quack. If you are just going because you prefer this over a massage, then your call how you spend your money.


Total and complete Quackery. Placebo effect only.


You shouldn't purposely crack anything in your body. That's how arthritis happens... it's a buildup of fluid in the space of your joints. Each time you crack things (your fingers, neck, back, etc.) it creates a larger space and over time fills with too much fluid....arthritis. If your back feels cramped up, just do some stretches and loosen yourself up.


I don't think it is necessary unless u have a bad back.


Some praise chiropractors to the skies. Others, have no use for them. If you are getting relief and feel you are spending your money wisely, then all is well.


It sure helped me a lot, and it also helped my husband. And they don't "crack" your back.

jason b

An osteopath is briliant