Safe to take SAM-E (400mg) with St. Johns Wort (350mg)?

I take SJW in the morning to help my mind for the day of work. I have some OA/arthritis and heard SAM-e might help (along with my daily turmeric) so safe to combine? I presume yes but wanted to make sure.


Perfectly safe. SAM-E is a modified amino acid. It works by a different mechanism than St. John's Wort which is an SSRI. I take an SSRI and SAM-E for depression myself. I have taken St. John's Wort as well, but it's effects wore off after a while.


This question belongs in a discussion with the Primary Care Physician (PCP) and/Or the Pharmacist. Generally speaking, NO SUPPLEMENT, or Over the counter drug should Ever be taken without the PCP knowing. Even vitamins could be either a Waste of Money or may be health threatening considering effects not known to the layperson. Use of OTC drugs can be a concern when used for chronic health problems. You could be putting Kidneys, liver, or other organs at more risk than joint pain.