Hi I’m currently in 8th grade. I get good grades (all 96 or above) I’m in all advance classes. Could good grades help pay for dental school?

I’m hoping I can continue these grades through high school and that can somehow benefit me because I don’t want to have to be 500k in debt when I’m done with dental school. So, I’m thinking about maybe being just a hygienist. But if money wasn’t in the equation my #1 choice would be an orthodontist. But, I’m fine with a dentist if that means I won’t have to take an extra 3 years to be an orthodontist. ALSO, my school has a program where I can get an associates degree by the time I graduate. But, I don’t know what type. Like do just get a associates degree. Or do I have to have a special type if that’s a thing. I’m not sure if this is correct but don’t you have to get a associates degree then go to dental program?




i think it will help cause you can get scholarships with good grades