Recently small cuts bleed a lot. My dentist asked me if I was on a blood thinner because of the amount of blood. Should I be concerned?


Stuck With Books

Are you taking any medicine ? If not ,then do people in your family have same problem? Get yourself checked by a physician.


Did you take Ibroprufen or Aspirin? these will thin the blood. You could talk to your Doctor about it.


Not necessarily, but you might want to mention it to your doctor at your next physical.

Marie K

yes, are you regularly taking more than one aspirin a day or other NSAIDS?


You should at least be curious about the situation. It would be good idea to make an appointment with your primary care doc and arrange a blood test before the visit so the doc can discuss the results with you. Its important to know why your blood is not clotting properly because its usually a symptom of some other problem.

Jackie M

Speak to your doctor as you could be low in B and K vitamins