Why am I so angry?

My toddler had a dentist appointment today. She was scared of the dentistry and all the people including the dentist. When the dentists (3 of them) starting working on her, she started screaming and crying. They told me to hold her down. Everyone was staring at me and not helping me comfort her. I felt anger because no one was asking me how my child and I was feeling since it was evident that I was annoyed and stressed out about the whole thing. Should I file a complaint? I’m extremely upset about this


No? You went to the dentist for treatment, it’s not the dentists job to control your bratty child


Q - Why am I so angry? A - You felt anger because no one was asking you how your child and you were feeling since it was evident that you were annoyed and stressed out about the whole thing.


I don't believe this happened. Want to know why? Your posting history here - https://answers.yahoo.com/activity/questions?show=74KNBQ7VLFASESLVWPK7MIVHSE&t=g One question you work at a restaurant, then another you make over $100K working as some sort of "health administrator". One question you have a 4-year-old, this question your child is 3, and in yet another question you have an adult child with a child of her own, making you a grandmother. Too many inconsistencies, plus dentists don't treat children this way.


I understand that you are upset because it was your child, but did they get the job done? Of course a child is going to be afraid in that setting. Perhaps the next time ask for some sort of sedation for your child. I wouldn't file a complaint.


Do you think you can treat dentist and a waiter the same way? Did you think you were at a restaurant or a salon?We're you paying him for hospitality? Mam you were at a clinic to get treatment, you were there to get help. So you are simply angry and annoyed because of your child. Seriously ! look at people's attitude. Wow.


I guess you can file a Complaint with your brain. You, the MOTHER, did NOTHING to help them.


Troll dentists always behave this way.


no you can't but you could of asked them to stop for a minute and ask why they needed three people to do it


Next time keep go with a different attitude. Show them they are responsible for childs crying and feeling scared. Once you blame them they will try to comfort. But if your scared and feeling that its all your fault , people will blame you too.

Jackie M

I would file a complaint and find a new dentist that will calm your child and make her feel happy - my dentist would play games with a child and make her feel relaxed - for example they show the child all the funny stickers and they have to choose which one they want and will get after the nice dentist has looked at her teeth and talk to the child all abut the nice new toothbrush they can buy and all the stuff about the tooth fairy etc


File the complaint. They are there to help and they made it worse for you. This experience is going to cause more problems in the future y’a toddle isn’t gonna want to go again! They know....


I'm sorry this happened. I would file a complaint because the situation clearly caused distress to you and your child and it doesn't seem as though they were as helpful as they should have been. I hope you get it sorted soon.