How do I lose weight without stunting my growth?

I want to lose weight but I’ve always been told “you’re too young to go on a diet you’ll never grow that way” so what is a safe diet for a 17 year old who wants to lose weight but still wants to grow a few inches taller

Pascal the Gambler

Eat right, exercise regularly.


i wouldnt worry about it, you'll be as tall as youre supposed to be


Portion control and exercising are the most important things for weight loss. It won't matter what you're eating if you aren't burning the right amount of calories. Generally, cut back on junk/fast food. You don't have to stop eating it completely, just eat less of it less often than usual. Instead of having, for example, a side of chips with your lunch, go for fruits and vegetables. Instead of eating two plain cheeseburgers from McDonald's for lunch, try only eating one. Keep track of a rough estimate of the number of calories you're consuming, and make sure you exercise and burn enough to match. Be careful not to overdo your exercise and hurt yourself. And you don't have to do stuff like weights or treadmills for exercise! Try vigorous swimming or dancing if you would be interested in that. Lastly, make sure you don't lose too much weight too quickly as it can really hurt you.


Losing weight won't affect your natural rate of growth in terms of height. Unless your weight-loss diet is extreme, your final height will become what is was to become without your diet. You can't affect your destined, DNA-set height assuming you aren't malnourished. You might already be as tall as you'll ever be -- or maybe not.