I want to make a healthy lifestyle plan?

So I don’t really have a healthy lifestyle. I eat junk a lot, and I don’t exercise. I want to make a healthy lifestyle plan, so something I can look at every day and follow until I can get into a routine. I need to include things such as washing my face and rushing my teeth and making my hair look decent. Even though these are things I do, I’m not very good at looking after myself and I want to change that. Any ideas how I could start this?


I like to make a to-do list. That keeps me from feeling overwhelmed or forgetting things. As for diet/exercise, it's important to start with small things that are easy to do. If you are miserable, you won't keep the new habits so start easy. Start going for a little walk everyday. Buy a water bottle and make sure you're drinking enough. It might help to plan meals ahead of time and write out a menu and grocery list. If you have time to cook, it will be cheaper and healthier than eating out a lot. Remember that you don't have to eat super healthy all the time. If you make little improvements that will have a big impact over time