Is 250 lbs a lot to bench press?


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If you are a high school football player no---- college player division one two or three you'd need to be able to bench press it at least four (4) times-- if you are a lineman at least twelve (12) times


Yes lol


Depends on how much you weigh. Back when I took weight training class in high school, the fitness goal was to bench press your body weight around six to eight times. I weighed 195 and I think my personal best was four or five repetitions.


If you weigh 98 pounds, yes. If you weigh 398 lb, no.


Depends on your age, gender, height, weight, physique. Was this a one-time max, or can you do it consistently ?


Depends on how long you've been weight lifting and your initial body type.


It's more than the average human being can bench. It's less than the average NFL lineman can bench. It's a lot more than you need for everyday life. It's less than you need if you want to win an Olympic medal in super-heavyweight weightlifting (but how many people need one of those?). You have to figure out the concept of "enough" for yourself (if the goal is always just "more" then that leads one down some pretty dark alleys).