Is bench pressing 170 for 1 rep good at 140 lbs bodyweight?

Compared to gym goers is it good or bad?


Here the actual real world strengths for the bench press and these are just for 1 rep max... Under 0.50 times bodyweight: very weak (Wimp) 0.50 times bodyweight: weak 0.75 times bodyweight: average Bodyweight: strong 1.5 times bodyweight: very strong 2+ timess bodyweight: extremely strong (World Class) So to calculate your bodyweight and the amount of weight you used that 1.21 times your bodyweight so in to answer that yes that does make you strong but dont get carried away with it, it not all that impressive either it just means you can bench press more than 1/2 of the population who shockingly cannot bench press more than there own bodyweight. I bench press 180 lbs at 120 lbs for my one rep max or 1.5 times bodyweight!!!