Is it possible to lose a lot of weight if you're bedridden and unable to exercise at all?

If normally you run 10 miles a day but end up bedridden due to severe injury for a month. Is it possible to lose a lot of weight without starving?


You're insane. If you run ten miles a day, then you're body is a f*ckin machine. It can handle some downtime for a month. Any weight you gain can be easily lost if you run like that. If you don't eat right it's gonna take you longer to heal. Starving is the absolute worst way to loose weight. Because then it goes into survival mode so as soon as you start eating again it stores more fat. People in great shape don't starve, they eat right. Trust me, I starve myself all the time. Not because I wanna loose weight, I just take Adderall daily so I hardly want to eat. I'll go 24 hours without eating on occasion. And I'm still kind of fat. I don't eat alot of food. Maybe it's the beer whatever, I'm getting off topic. The point is, eat right, rest up, heal, and then start running again. Starving yourself is retarded. I wish I ate more, I'm just never really hungry.