Is the "Hitler Vegetarian Pastry Diet" a real thing, and can you really lose weight on it?

It is true that Hitler was a vegetarian and ate only pastry. And he never did get really fat.


Hitler was known for eating an entire fruitcake before bed and also to consume large quantities of chocolate Hitler also had severe gastritis and bowel problems ... probably attributed to the above


Hitler didn't believe in animal suffering (ironically enough), but he was by no means a strict vegetarian. And as for what you're mentioning, I've never heard of it. It honestly sounds like something someone made up and slapped Hitler's name on to get attention. If you ate pastry all the time, your carb intake would be through the roof, and you'd be hard pressed to loose weight. Hitler was never 'fat', but he certainly wasn't fit either. And if he died skinny then it was probably because he spent the latter years of his life high on drugs.