Do I have strep throat?

I ve had a sore throat for 5 or 6 days now. It hurts so bad to the point that when I swallow I start to cry a little bit from the pain. My tonsils are very swollen and there are giant white bumps on them that are hard to the touch. I m not sure if I have a fever or not because I don t own a thermometer, however, I am either too hot or WAY too cold all the time. I got a strep test almost a week ago that came up negative, but I m wondering if the bacteria could have not been grown enough at that time for it to be positive.


It sounds like you need to see a doctor again. Having so much throat pain you feel like crying is not normal. It is possible you have strep or something else. Only your doctor can help you to feel better.


This is a picture of my throat by the way