How much of a risk am I at for catching mono?

I was in a date with a guy last night and we were kissing and I have really bad OCD with a fear of germs and am nervous about germs from his saliva. I know mono is called the kissing disease but does someone have to have it to get it? And if they had it in the past can they still carry it? I do not know if he had ir or ever did I'm just nervous about catching something. He did not seem sick in any way but he works long hours (3 am to 6 pm most days) and I'm not sure when he sleeps but if he is run down will I catch something?


Are you really that dumb??

Diane A

Yes, some one has to have it as it’s a virus, to transmit it to someone else. And he would know if he had mono. You pulled something pretty unlikely out of the air. You might need to seek some help with your OCD,