I keep hearing noises coming from inside my skull ?

Its like a slurping or blood sticking(basically if you had dried blood on your fingers and put them to your ear and put your fingers together and apart to hear the noise) It comes from the rear right and it's scaring me but I've had a brain scan and theres nothing there so it's like some ghost symptom or something I sometimes feel like there's a creature eating my brain due to this noise I'm hearing... It's not an hallucination because I can tell the difference having been spiked with salvia before (abt 6 years before this startex) but the doc seems to say I'm hallucinating In my research it sounds like blood clot symptoms and the noises are blood fighting it's way past a clot.. Anyone know what it is


if u ain't trolling, then it could be 1)gov't is trying to kill or 2)witches sent demons to kill u. either way, u have to pray to Jesus to alleviate the problem; forgive me.

Max Hoopla

You need to start taking your medications again.

Pearl L

nnaybe you should go see your doctor about it and get it checked out


Take your meds