My blood pressure is 102/70 is that good I'm 44?


Pearl L

i think its pretty good, wish nnine was like that


If that's accurate & you are feeling well, it isn't bad. Some folks might find a systolic pressure of 102 a tad low. When you subtract the diastolic pressure (70) from the systolic pressure (102) the result is known as your pulse pressure. Normal is around 40 & a lower than normal pulse pressure is generally indicative of a lower than normal cardiac output. 102/70 is a pulse pressure of 32 which isn't way crazy narrow, but enough to make me question the accuracy of your BP check. For the record: battery operated wrist cuffs are next thing to garbage. I guess there are some decent battery operated upper arm cuffs out there, but I still don't trust them. I'm a RN & I prefer a stethoscope & sphygmomanometer.