Does bleaching or coloring hair harm its ability absorb energy and increase intuition?

There is a belief in yogic tradition that long hair helps one to absorb energy and that this is related to the tendency of spiritual practitioners to have long hair and beards. If I have stated this imprecisely correct me. I wonder if there are any opinions about the effect that bleaching or dying might have in this regard? If so, might it still be better to have long bleached hair than no hair?


Tibetan monks have no hair.


You make wrong assumptions...Hair is for warmth and beauty.


Having long hair doesn't give a person more energy. Eating does.

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does it harm the health of your hair and scalp? yes. does it have anything to do with spooks in the sky? absolutely not.

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In Sikhism, Kesh (sometimes Kes) is the practice of allowing one's hair to grow naturally out of respect for the perfection of God's creation. To think with your imagination is to slowly become stupid


Absolutly, it dose! Once hair is bleched, it loosses its vitality abd can no longer conect properly with the w0rld around it as well. Your natuaral hair dose it best


Hair is hair. It does none of those things.


I have never heard of that reasoning for having long hair or long beards. I have known people who have long hair and beards, but its not for its 'energy' capabilities, because hair doesn't have energy capabilities. Its because its a more natural way of existing. If your hair wants to grow, let it, there is no need to tell it what to do because it is a part of you and it already knows. This sort of thinking is very common for many religions, not just from yogis. Hair is dead. Only the follicle is alive. Because of this, it cannot carry energy.


Seriously... hair doesn't absorb energy or increase intuition. And it's Yogi not Yogic, my parents use to do a lot of yoga. Do what you want to it, your hair will grow while you're alive. Bleaching can have negative affects on hair, if you don't take care of it properly. But having some hair, no mater what it's like can be better then having no hair. Some people prefer having little to no hair so you contradict your self.

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we should be satisfied whatever we have naturally