How to get up in the morning?

So basically i need to wake up at 7am for school but I just go back to bed and fall asleep. My alarm clock is the other side of the room but I simply turn it off and go back to bed and sleep. (Which I regret later on in the day) How do I stop myself from doing this?


i usually have a waterbottle and fill it up with colddd water and drink it when i wake up and body gets a cold sensation and immediately wakes up!


You can't. You are condemned to forever return to your bed after turning off the alarm. There is no possible solution.

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go to bed earlier.......


Sounds like a typical teenager. Schools really do start way too early. For work, my son sets 5 alarms to help him get up and sets it across the room forcing him to have to get up to turn it off. By alarm 5 he’s been up and down so much that he’s ready to just stay up. He didn’t have school to prepare him for this so he had to come up with his own method of preparing himself for early shifts. I homeschooled my kids. School was whenever they got around to it.


You should set more than 1 alarm clock at different times. One at 6:50, 6:55, then 7:00. But idk it's up to you.