True that military docs are 2nd rate? Good docs are in private practice? The military just gives you an aspirin and tells you to suck it up?



Nope They all graduated from the same medical schools The majority are only in the military to pay back Uncle Sam for paying for medical school


Not true. I was in a motorcycle accident. Was in Army Hospital for six months. The treatment and care was excellent.


From my experience some of them feel they don't need any bedside manners and can be rude. In the real world, they would lose patients being that way.


of course not. you get Motrin 800s and told to suck it up. actually most doctors are better than on the outside because they don't have the stress of worrying about malpractice insurance( its paid for by the military) or paying back their student loans( they get forgiven or paid off by government service)


No. I've had some excellent doctors in the military, and some crappy ones outside of it. And, vice verso.


The military is on them to get the troops back to work. Take that and add a bunch of whining sickbay commandos and the Docs getting tired and a bit complacent.


Both in and out of the military, there are both good and not so good doctors.


They don't hand out aspirin. They hand out ibuprofen and naproxen.