Does sleeping during day time affect growth?

So I know your growth is affected as a teenagers when you sleep, so my question is if I sleep at 4 am and wake up at like 3-4pm will that affect my growth? so if I sleep more during the day and late and night but still get good sleep will it have same effect as sleeping all night but being up early?


no it won't


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amy lynn

Many studies suggest that sleeping during the day and being up at night has health risks. Many people who sleep in the pattern that you describe are not eating regular, and healthy meals. This makes nutrition issues and issues with maintaining a healthy weight harder for people who don't have a typical "normal" schedule. It isn't as much about your actual "growth" as what affects it might have on overall health. It isn't about when you sleep. It is how you are managing your eating and exercise habits when you are up.


well there are some studies that are body releases hormones that encourage recovery and growth when we are asleep around 10 or 11 pm however delving further into it seems to only be marginal at best. So there is some science out there i just haven't found hard concrete science on it being a major concern. However good sleep has shown real importance for growing youngsters so as long as you are getting good sleep your growth should suffer by any real noticeable measure. Also teens are predisposed to staying up later and sleeping later though typically its more of a time frame of say 12am to 8 or 9 am so i find it hard to believe that if that is normal for teens that when you sleep will greatly impact growth. However aside from that i would recommend trying to adjust your sleep pattern a little bit and try getting to bed at a more reasonable time otherwise it will become an ingrained habit that may be hard to shift out of sleeping all day once you are an adult. which may effect jobs you can get.