What is this weird strange anxiety I've been feeling every night? Grown up answers only...?

I'm in my mid 30's... Single, no kids, live and sleep alone.. Lately, around 1:30am fallen asleep, I find myself waking up every night with this nasty chills, anxiety, lonely feeling... My heart starts beating fast, and I usually can't fall asleep until an hour or more later.... I have all these thoughts running in my mind... Is this the feeling of lonlines and needing a companionship or something? I never have these feelings before.. It just started to happen about a couple months now..

Lone Cat

My first guess is sleep apnea. That's were you stop breathing in the middle of the night. Breathing is so basic that it can send you body into a panic mode. The doctor will have you do a sleep study, and then they'll get you a cpap machine. It just blows air into your nose. You probably also have mild anxiety. Meditation and mindfulness can help. Mindfulness is too hard to explain here, but there are some good youtube videos about it. You need to see the doctor for the sleep apnea. If left untreated it can cause other problems that are a big deal.


I am in the same position as you (mostly by choice) and I recall something like that happening to me. If it turns into real anxiety, put a drop of Camomile Roman essential oil on a tissue at the side of your pillow at night. That will get rid of it.