Will Hydrocodone help with Oxycodone withdrawal?

I ran out of my prescription for Oxycodone pain pills on Thursday, and called it in on Friday. I checked at the end of the day Friday and they said it would be ready for pickup on Monday. So, to deal with the pain over the weekend (I have a bad pancreas and it causes some PAIN!) I used some Hydrocodone that I had left from my open heart surgery a year and a half ago. Anyway, I was really worried about the Oxycodone withdrawal I read so much about, but it has been 48 hours and I haven't felt a THING expect the pancreas pain and the relief the Hydrocone gave me (not as much relief as the Oxy, but enough). Question is this. Did the Hydro keep me from the withdrawal, or did I just not get withdrawl? I was on three Oxy a day. I really feel fine.

Midnight O.

Both hydrocodone and oxycodone are opiates. You did not go through withdrawal because you have not stopped taking opiates, you just changed the type of opiate. I hope you feel better soon!


You won't have any withdrawals if you take the hydro for a short period of time. It won't be as strong as the oxycodone, but it will keep you from experiencing the side effects you are fearing. This is one of my worst fears as well (long term chronic pain patient). I have seen over the last six months, a lot of pharmacies holding scripts back more than 30 days. Even with low doses of opiates everything is now very slow because of all the precautionary (and very necessary) steps taken to keep abuse down. Hopefully your pharmacy is faster than mine (turnaround is sometimes 35+ days). take care.

Pearl L

i would ask a doctor or a pharnnacist this question