Can weight loss cure Erectile dysfunction?



It can help if you are overweight. If losing weight lessens your need to take blood pressure medications, that is a big plus too. Getting your weight closer to recommend numbers will improve your physical activity levels. Improved activity leads to better overall health and better blood circulation. So the answer is yes. Good luck!


it can but what's the use if you have no one to screw

DR + Mrs Bears face

Hi so it will help, along with exercise and an increase in stamina.


Perhaps, but would not count on it. Certainly being way overweight can cause all kinds of health issues. I was not way over weight but lost 35 pounds as I started walking well, and sexual function is better than ever and my blood pressure dropped dramatically too. Nice to wear 34s when I was wearing flex 38s.


Possibly. It has an overall benefit on your health and can increase testosterone levels. So maybe, but it is best to talk to your physician to see what the cause is.

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It might. Try it.




Depends. How much weight do you have to lose based on your height?