Does the FDA have even the slightest ******* idea wtf they are doing?

A little consistency in the ******** quality would be nice hu(rhetorical)


They $Get Money$ at the FDA We’re Boy have the FDA because libs are too scared 😟 to go through life without living under government tyranny

Max Hoopla

Thank you for sharing your rant with us.

ron h

Donnie tRump is damaging agencies all over the government. As head of the FDA, donnie appointed Scott Gottlieb who normally works for the Koch Brothers at the American Enterprise Institute which is a huge and powerful lobbying firm. Gottlieb argued that extensive clinical trial requirements may have a chilling effect on bringing new therapies to market. He blamed such requirements on an institutional culture that he said values “an excessive desire for certainty,” and does not trust the doctors who do the prescribing. So like tRump himself, it's anecdote over science.