Ok so I'm uncircumcised and what I'm wanting to know is why I dribble as much with the foreskin pulled back as I do if I leave it up?

So does any body have this problem can you tell me why when I pee regardless of the position of the foreskin the head being exposed or covered that I dribble while peeing


It has NOTHING to do with you being uncircumcised. It happens a lot and is very common actually unless its a huge amount. When you pee be sure that nothing is constricting you or your penis whether it be a belt, a elastic underwear or putting the underwear right under your penis while peeing. Its not a big deal though once again unless its a huge amount.


May be how you are pulling it back. When not needing to pee, do some self exam in front of a mirror-- maybe how you pull it back is changing the shape or angle of the pee slit, so that it constricts it somehow. Might be you just need to change how you pull the foreskin back is affecting the opening somehow.

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Please get circumcised Foreskin causes foul odor, smegma, infection etc.