How young can u get a vasectomy?



Few doctors would do it until you have a couple kids and don't want anymore.


It depends on how many children you have. You won't get a vasectomy unless you have two children. Doctors are afraid to be sued.


It depends on your situation and your consultation with your urologist. The urologist will consider your age, mental state, and how many children you have. Though spousal approval is not required, he/she may consider that as well. These are ethical considerations made to be sure that you have seriously thought things through, because a vasectomy should be considered as a permanent thing. If you are hell bent on getting a vasectomy, you should be able to find an urologist that will perform one as long as you are of legal age. If you are middle age with at least 2 children, it is a definite go.


Go to a family planning center m they will advise you . Regards.


That depends. What country are you in and are you a deomcrat? edit: In that case, isn't it something like 10 or so in the middle east?


You consult a urologist


self control


Wait until you are at least 40. I know lots of guys who had it done when they were in their 20's and now regret it.


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