I'm 15 and 5'9 (176cm) could I reach 5'11 (181cm)+ ?

I hit puberty when I was 14 and 5'4 at the time. My family isn't tall at all though. My mother is 5'7.5 and my dad is 5'8. My 16 year old brother who is not growing much anymore is 5'10. My grandpa from my moms side was 6ft and grandma was 5'5 at peak height. My grandpa from my dads side was 5'6 and grandma was 5'3 at peak height.


Likely hit puberty well before you were 5'4-- curious as to why you think you "hit" puberty at 14 as that is quite rare to start that age. No one knows when they start, first outward signs are sudden erections and growth of pubic hair beginning, which is about 6 months after puberty onset. Certainly you might grow taller given your age but guys do finish growing by 15 to 18 for the most part. Certainly no guy who started puberty at 14 would finish at 15 though. But I'd wager you had pubes well before 14 and certainly were way tall for puberty onset

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it would be a guess


you could by the time your done fully growing