Ok im uncut and my question is why do i dribble when i pee i pull for the foreskin back an pee and i dribble more than when i leave it up?



It is normal to dribble at the end of the pee. For everyone, cut or uncut.


It is not a matter of having a foreskin. It is more about your prostate, which closes to stop urination. It is not quite doing it. After you finish urinating, stroke your penis several times to get the last of the urine out.

ron h

All men have a couple of drops of piss that we try to shake out when we're through pissing. I'm cut, and sometimes I don't get that last drop out. I would think that if you don't retract your foreskin to piss, you're leaving a few drops inside your foreskin that eventually, slowly, drain out. But you need to see what other uncut men say. Oh, and ignore Josie who does not have a Dick of her own.


Possibly have something blocking the urethral hole. If you partially retract then it is nothing to do with being uncut. Your age might help in future Question.