Weird body odor?

I take daily showers and wash thoroughly but I still have this weird body odor that Wont go away.a moldy smell . anyone know what it could be ?.I m embarrassed to go to the doctor or be out in public for that matter..


probably the clothes you are wearing as a moldy smell on a person isn't common unless you have some kind of decay like gang green but that would be easily spotted. If it is the clothes could simply be because they were left in the washer to long after it stopped or they didn't get dried fast enough or there is mildew in the wash that is keeping its smell on the clothes even after washing and so forth and so on.


go to the doctor. Are you sure it is not in your sinuses? Sometimes a sinus infection can smell like that and of course washing has no effect on a fungal infection in your sinuses. Get checked out.