Can I get sick from not washing my hands before making a drink .?

I’m really worrried I always wash them but didn’t 10 minutes ago I really don’t want to be I’ll because of it . How to make sure it doesn’t happen . I’m a Germaphobe and have ocd . I didn’t touch anything else just the cup .


If u touched something with a critical mass of a dangerous germ species and enough of them made their way into the body through ur cup yes but I doubt u would touch anything. Btw sometimes being a germaphobe backfires and u end up getting sick or dying due to ur precautionary measures.


the average human has 100 trillion bacteria and virus in and on them . about 10 % of your weight is the essential symbiotic bacteria in your gut .


You will not get sick. If you do, it has nothing to do with not washing your hands one time. There are many people, usually in very rural areas, who never wash their hands, and rather than getting ill, they just get a stronger immune system.


Shut up.

Pearl L

i wouldnt worry about it, you nnight have a really good innnnune systenn like i do and you could be worrying for nothing