How Can I Live Alone in Student Housing?

Hello, so I live in student housing near my university and Im suppose to graduate next spring semester (2020). I live alone at the moment because where I live is a brand new complex so not a lot of people applied in time for the current lease term (12 months). Im not a fan of living with other people/strangers and I have severe mental health issues that requires me to send in doctors notes to my university (A.K.A I am mandated to see an on campus therapist weekly). The student housing complex that i am staying in rent by the room (i live in a 2 bedroom apartment. they didnt have any singles). How would i be able to convey to them that i cannot live with another individual? Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? I was thinking about writing a letter to them and setting up a meeting to talk about this because i personally dont mind paying extra in rent. P.S.: there is no other student housing complexes near my university that have single housing and the single dorms at my university are dirty, expensive and requires me to share public facilities (bathroom, kitchen,etc) FYI: Im not a social individual nor do i want to be one. Im fine being alone, living with others brings up alot of negative emotions that i truly cannot endure again.


If you live in the states, ask your on-campus therapist what they can do to help you. You may be able to get some sort of letter for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accommodations that will require the university to place you on your own for housing. If you do not live in the states, but instead Canada or European country, check and see what laws your country has for accommodations for citizens with disabilities.


Nearly impossible to convince to live by yourself. Maybe with all your docs note. Letter from your therapist. Could help.




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