My child was sexually abused and he just act like if nothing had happened ?

why is him acting this way?

Tara Newton

In my personal opinion I think you should leave the subject alone. I was abused as a child by my cousin and the worse part wasn't the abuse itself. The worse part was after I healed and moved on my family and friends couldn't let it go and always wanted me to talk about it and brought it up at what I thought to be inappropriate times. One bad thing that happens doesn't have to control the rest of your life. After it has initially been dealt with and the abuser has been cut out of your life and punished, leave the child alone unless they come to you wanting to talk about it. Dont make them keep reliving it for no reason. It is healthy for them to want to move on.


He’s numb and in denial, it’s his way of coping. He has put the sexual abuse experience in a box, tightly locked it and does not want to open that box. It’s a coping mechanism but watch out for destructive behaviours, negative self talk and anger or withdrawal. It may be that others have seen these things - like at school and you are not aware. Or it may be that right now he’s doing ok on the surface but in his private moments he’s struggling. Perhaps it will hit him more as he grows up and starts to make sense of what really happened. Be there for him when he does fully realise and accept what has happened. It’s important for him to speak up and for you to acknowledge what has happened and let him know that you support him, most importantly he’s done nothing wrong and that you are there to talk whenever he needs it. It’s really good that you know about the abuse imagine if you didn’t know and no one knew apart from your son and the abuser. Communication is so important


Don't sexually abuse your child, that's bad.


so you come on here and ask a question instead of calling the police


People react to trauma in different ways. This isn't unheard of. My advice would be to report the abuser to the police immediately, and take him to the hospital for an examination, and to counseling.


take him to a therapist as he is probably holding it all in