Do you agree that age is just a number unless it's apparent?

I turn 25 in 3 days and I feel like all of my young years are behind me. Like I just wasted my life and now I'm on my way to being 30 not having fulfilled my hearts desires and taken the adventures I so very longed for. **** I wanna be 18 again. Why must time go by so fast. Why must youth be so short. I would pay money to go back to being young. Am I normal for getting depressed over such matters? I mean I truly am grateful to have come this far and be alive, don't get me wrong. But deep down Idk why I feel this way..

Dances with Weed

Welcome to adulthood.


If you spend all your time wishing you could go back and relive your life, you’ll waste what is left of it. Instead of wanting to go back, spend now doing those things you never had the chance to do. There’s no rule book saying once you reach a specific age, you need to settle down. Gosh, two of my uncles both go on amazing holidays throughout the year and have incredible experiences - both of them are between 40 and 50. So do what it is that you want to do and don’t let ‘not being 18’ affect you.


when you are my age yes age is just a number and if you want to look young again get plastic surgery but you are nowhere near being old yet


The years mark how much time you have Until your health goes away and joy diminishes By over half. In your 40's your prostate may Enlarge causing you to pee over 20 times A day. It's not fun. 1 in 7 get arthritis. Many Need root canal work $2500.00 per tooth. If your drink sodas or eat lots of junk food. Years matter and taking care of yourself Reduces your health problems as you get Older. I hope you got it?


:] Life seems to change as we age. Experiences, events.