What can I do if I’m depressed, lonely and am losing the will to live?

I’m 21 and haven’t had a single friend in years. I’ve also suffered from severe anxiety and depression for many years. I’ve tried just about everything to remedy the issue. The events in my life over the past year have pushed me to the breaking point. For one, last week marked the anniversary of my abusive dad leaving my family. When he left, we had lost our car, had to leave our home and were forced to move in with a relative. For the past few months, I’ve been tormented with guilt regarding my father. I feel guilty because I haven’t seen him in months and because his number is blocked on my phone. I feel guilty because I’m angry at him and others who have hurt me. Due to the turmoil in my family, and my debilitating health issues, I was forced to withdraw from college. I’ve been struggling with my faith and my will to go on and my mother doesn’t seem to understand it. The other day, I became upset because I saw a beautiful dress in the store and I knew I would have nowhere to wear it to since I have no friends. I tried to explain to her that it is difficult for me to look into the future with hope when all I can see is a present filled with pain. I’ve also struggled with immense guilt for years because I know so many people around the world are suffering. For example, gravely ill people, human trafficking victims, Syrian refugees, starving children, etc. What can I do to help myself?


Many people around the world are suffering, and it sounds like you're one of them. Right now, you might not be able to help people in Syria but you can help yourself. Feeling guilty and not wanting to go on is a legitimate form of suffering. If your mother doesn't understand, can you find someone who does? Maybe a spiritual leader or a therapist? If that seems overwhelming, there are lots of TED talks and other online resources about mental health and spirituality. I hope you find something useful and feel better.


Depression is a demon. And when you finally start to kill that demon, the pain gets so much worse. So most people just give in and say "I'll live with it". It doesn't want to let you go. But the fact that you are analyzing yourself, and facing your pain, means you are on the right track of beating it. Guilt is a very good sign, looking at the things that cause you pain is a very good sign. It's means you're going through a transition. This is not the time to give in, because the fight is going to be harder than it's ever been. That's why alot of people stay depressed. They stay delusional, they stay cynical, and they numb themselves. Face it. It's only getting worse because it's getting better. I know that's hard to believe. But if a person hides from their pain, they aren't going to come to terms with it. And beating depression is coming to terms with everything that hurts, and finding a way to accept it. Only then can you take action to fix it.

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you could attend a christian church near you where you will meet friendly people and make friends and gain support for yourself, its worth a try.


Talk therapy with a good counselor is your best next step. Also, there are good books out there about handling depression and anxiety. Go online and get a couple with high reader ratings.


Quit whining and do something POSITIVE to change YOUR life. Nobody else is going to do it for you.