When my grandparents die my Mom will not be able to function for a few years. How do I avoid her depression from passing on to me?

I especially dread holidays like Christmas. My mother is already saying things like "I don't know how I will go on when they are gone". I know she is going to want me to be miserable with her. How do I avoid her depression from passing on to me? I will be sad but life goes on. They are in their late 80's. By they I mean the grandparents (my Mom's parents).

Serene E

Sigh.....seems like a lot of wasted feelings for something that won't happen for 5-15 years!!


you discuss that with your therapist


Almost everyone talks like that but it's just talk. I'm sure your mom will carry on just fine. Of course she'll be very sad for a while, but there's no reason to think that she won't be able to function! Everyone dies at some point - and when they're in their 80s it's hardly going to come as a shock, is it? Talk to each other about happy memories; look at old photos; maybe make a family tree. You're expecting the worst which will probably never happen!


Try and do more positive things in your life to avoid being put into that depression mode where you want to do nothing. Once your there, it's almost impossible to get out. I've been in that area before and it sucks. So try and stay out by doing positive things like hang out with friends, go outside, etc.


Yes she will, parents get on with life.