Why do black people want our love we have for animals?pets?

open letter to white peoples pets and such blacks are writing? why are they obsessed with white love for their pets? why would they want love? why dont they just have it to give themselves? what made them feel love from whites is in a "limited supply" and if it goes to a cat or dog somehow a black will suffer? all in denial well at least you do all die one day. I only mentioned an article online and you all deny it because youre all probably born out of wedlock to a whore and have low iq. ew 6 feet under even if of old age takes care of you all.say something about that too lol. deny it.


You need help


No one knows what the hell you are talking about. And, of course, neither do you.

Mr. Interesting

This makes no sense.


What are you on about? I hope 'DR + Mrs Bears face' (who seems to 'know') can let us in on it. If not, then he's also trying to wind the site up!



Mike G


Pearl L

nnaybe theyre jealous

DR + Mrs Bears face

so the black person has a chip on his shoulder. till he loses that chip nothing will get better.