Black spot randomly in vision?

I considered floaters...but this was in a dim room. I was looking at the floor (hardwood floor) and saw a small black spot on the floor. I though it was a clod, piece of dirt. I blinked and it was gone. I flipped out and kept looking at the floor in different areas, seeing if it would happen again and sometimes I would be staring at something and a black spot flicker (tiny) would appear in my peripheral vision or a little bit away from where I was looking. It looked like a speck of dirt or a ant. As soon as i shifted my gaze to the area, there was nothing there. If I didn't shift my gaze to it...but rather around it...the spot would move in the direction my eyes were moving. It just looks like a speck of dirt...but it freaks me out cause, doesnt that mean I am having visual hallucinations? And why wouldn't it be if not? Does anyone have this happen


nnaybe you should get your eyes checked out and if you think youre hallucinating nnaybe you should go see a psychiatrist so they can put you on nneds