Does this ebay seller deserve a negative feedback?

I was interested in buying this clothing from this seller but her price was so high, more than 3x more than the regular price. I offered to buy it for less but she wouldn't agree. She wouldn’t even consider waiving the shipping fee of $15 when she is located only a few hours away from my address. I mean, this item would have cost her only $5 to ship. At some point, I said forget it, it’s not for me, but after a month I saw the item was not sold yet so I offered to buy it for less again. She did not agree to my price but instead agreed to sell it for a slightly higher price from what I offered. I agreed. When I was ready to pay, I got a message from her stating she could not sell it for the price we both agreed on earlier. She said she has to pay for seller fees so the price remained high. I was so tired of having to deal with it that I went ahead and bought it. I just find it unethical of her to change her price and mind last minute knowing that she got the buyer ready to pay for an item she’d been following for a while. She practices price gauging on all her items. Should I leave her a negative feedback about our transaction?

A Hunch

Why should she get negative feedback? She can sell the item for whatever she wants. You can buy it or not. You chose to buy it. It's very interesting that you think she was charging 3X too much, yet you were unable to purchase the item anywhere else for even a little bit less. Seems to me that you simply don't know the value of the item. You are the one that kept pestering her to lower the price. On her side - was the item as described? did she ship it quickly? If she did both of those, give her positive feedback or no feedback at all.


< I was so tired of having to deal with it that I went ahead and bought it > Really? You paid essentially 3x more than the regular price. You're a moron.


you are a sellers nightmare


No, she doesn't - you chose to buy it.


I would not have bought it. If you did, its not deserving of negative feedback unless she does not deliver. I left negative feedback because a seller cancelled the auction and then bounced a refund check. Keeping my money for almost 3 weeks. Eventually ebay refunded it. I joined the crowd & left her negative feedback. I did not notice that she had bad feedback because I had bought from her,before and she delivered. Then she went bad or something.


just don't buy from her,


I'd tell you "sorry I can't change price" and leave it at that. She at least tried.


in my experience, shipping doesn't really change no matter if its in the same state or the other side of the country. she was free to back out of the deal until she finalized the sale....was the sale actually made or did she just agree to it through email? can you report it to ebay to investigate? but if the items are available cheaper could just buy them your claim that the price is higher than regular price doesn't make sense....obviously they aren't for sale for the allegedly regular price. it is common for re sellers to buy things and when they are out of stock, re sell at a higher price.


No, you were the one who agreed to the final price. However, I would be sure to mention that she backed out of an agreed upon price. That is definitely something future buyers should be made aware of. But you agreed to the final price and transaction, and if she delivers in a timely manner, there's no basis for negative feedback.